Studying Water Science at Ventura College

Water Science Program Purpose: Students taking courses in the Water Science Program will learn the technical concepts underlying the water industry. Program outcomes will include the ability to analyze water chemistry, evaluate sources of contamination, design water delivery and treatment systems, and examine environmental issues related to domestic water use. Courses in the Water Science Program are applicable towards licensure, continuing education credits, and may be used by students seeking quality employment opportunities.

Program Description: The Water Science Program provides students with the technical training they need to pursue a career in the municipal potable water and wastewater industries. Waterworks operators protect public health by ensuring that plant operations comply with state and federally mandated drinking water and wastewater disposal standards. Students seeking an Associate’s Degree in Water Science may choose the Water option to prepare them for a career in potable water treatment or the Wastewater option to prepare them for a career in wastewater sanitation. Regardless of the option chosen, both paths lead to rewarding careers protecting the health of both the community and the environment at local, state, and federal levels.

What is Water Science? The processing and delivery of potable water and proper treatment and disposal of wastewater is a significant health concern. The Water Science program trains and qualifies water service workers to work in municipal water districts, in accordance with industry standards. Link to the Water Science Program webpage:




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