FREE Webinar: Effective Utility Management: Your Utility’s Road to Sustainability

This webinar will highlight the value and importance of utility management based on the Attributes of Effectively Managed Utilities (EUM) and Keys to Management Success, endorsed by AWWA,EPA, and several leading water sector associations. The goal of the webinar will be to familiarize the audience with the steps need to implement EUM based on the recently updated EUM Primer,released inJanuary, 2017.

EUM is now the most widely recognized water utility management program in the U.S. EUM helps utilities address the challenges they face today and in the future.
This webinar will help utilities understand the basic structure of EUM and,more importantly, how to use it in their operations. Webinar participants will get information describing the basic structure of EUM and learn how to get started implementing the EUM approach through the 3 basic steps described in the Primer.

1) Assessing current utility operations based on the Attributes
2) Adopting best management practices based on the Assessment;
3) Selecting performance metrics to gauge performance improvements.

Learning Objectives:

1. Thoroughly analyze the effectiveness of utility operations based on the EUM Attributes
2. Identify a clear set of short-term and long-term priorities for improving operations
3. Identify best practices for improving management of the utility
4. Create performance metrics for improving their operations
5. Integrate EUM into their business planning

A single registration allows the convenience of individual training from your desktop computer. For multiple participants, select the Group registration box and add to cart.

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If you do not wish to receive any emails from our webinar sponsors, Badger Meter, Inc., Woodard & Curran, and Utility Cloud you may follow the sponsors’ opt out or unsubscribe instructions following receipt of an email from them. You will not be able to opt out prior to receiving an initial email from our webinar sponsors.

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