Drinking Water Week


Drinking Water Week is a time to celebrate and support our water innovators.

As a distinguished water professional and AWWA member, you understand the life-changing work of physician John Leal and engineer George Warren Fuller, PE. Teaming up to develop the process of chlorinating drinking water to eradicate several waterborne diseases was an amazing innovation.

We have the safest drinking water, but we must continue investing in people and communities.

Thanks to these innovators and the exceptional work of subsequent water professionals, our communities enjoy drinking water systems that are incredibly safe. However, our water workforce is expected to decline by 30-50% within a decade and much of our infrastructure is nearing 100 years.

Celebrate Drinking Water Week and help water professionals and new innovators.

Your generous gift would make a significant difference by supporting the men and women of the current water workforce with advanced training and education, urgently propelling the education and careers of our future water innovators.

Jess Brown, PhD, PE, an AWWA member and one of the industry’s innovators, passionately asserted: “We have seen monumental advancements in the water industry over the last century.

I believe that the growing infusion of creativity and innovation into our industry promises to vastly improve the way we plan for, treat, and deliver clean water in the next decade and beyond. It is an exciting time to be a water professional.”

Your support on this special occasion would make a difference to the next water student.

Before becoming a water professional, Dr. Brown was a grateful 2001 AWWA scholarship recipient. “Not only did the Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarship help fund my graduate research, but the scholarship experience developed my professional and personal networks,” he proudly affirmed.

Drinking Water Week celebrates water’s transformation and ongoing innovation.

While honoring our past water innovators, we hope you will express your support through a new gift and keep water knowledge flowing by supporting the men and women of the current water workforce and our next generation of water innovators.

Your generous gift through AWWA’s Water Equation during Drinking Water Week will make a difference and be greatly appreciated.Thank you for your tax-deductible gift!

You may also send your gift to:
American Water Works Association
Attention: The Water Equation
6666 West Quincy Avenue
Denver, CO 80235-6187



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