Camrosa Water District is a special district covering 31 square miles in southeastern Ventura County, including eastern Camarillo, California State University Channel Islands, and the Santa Rosa Valley. The District serves a variety of customer types, from agricultural to residential to light industrial, via approximately 7,500 potable and 400 non‐potable connections. In addition to providing potable water, Camrosa collects and treats wastewater, produces recycled water at its Water Reclamation Facility, and recently completed constructing a brackish water desalination facility. Camrosa has a lean, cohesive workforce that provides exposure to all aspects of water production, treatment, distribution, and collection. This is a developmental position with ample future training, specialization, and growth opportunities.


MAINTENANCE OPERATOR Camrosa Water District   Camarillo, CA   SALARY:  Competitive based on qualifications; includes CalPERS retirement and full benefits package.



DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:    Perform skilled and unskilled work in the operation and maintenance of wastewater, water distribution, water production, and water quality systems    Operate, monitor, control, troubleshoot, and improve water distribution and wastewater infrastructure via SCADA software  Collect, process, and perform basic chemical analysis of water/wastewater samples  Perform preventative maintenance and repair on District infrastructure  Fulfill on‐call rotation for wastewater, water production, and/or water distribution services approximately every six weeks with other District operators    Operate heavy equipment    Work independently under limited supervision, and establish and maintain working relationships with customers, management, and coworkers   MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  High school diploma or equivalent     Valid Class C Drivers License    Experience in operation/maintenance in the water industry or similar field    Good communication skills  Basic understanding of Microsoft Office software (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.) DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS (IDEAL CANDIDATE):  Associate’s degree or higher in water science, environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, or related field  Waste Water Plant Operator Grade I certification (with ability to obtain Grade II within 24 months of hire) or greater    CDPH Water Treatment Grade I certification or greater  CDPH Water Distribution Grade I certification or greater  Maintenance/mechanical certifications, background, and/or previous experience    Previous electrical experience/background with VFDs, PLCs, 480 volt electrical motors, and/or SCADA software  Previous experience/background with reverse osmosis systems and processes    Excellent communication skills CONTACT INFORMATION: To apply, email your cover letter and resume to Cover letters may be in the main body of email; resumes should be attached.



Click to access Maintenance%20Operator%204-3-17.pdf

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