Calleguas Municipal Water District Infrastructure Inspection Trip Slideshow


On March 10,2017 The Water Science and Engineering club officers had the chance to peer into the workings of the famous F.E Wemouth Treatment Plant. We toured through the water plant, the workshop and the materials Testing Lab . This was the first plant built By Metropolitan Water District. The plant is a Mission Revival style architecture, its completion was in 1940.The plant is named for Frank E. Weymouth, Metropolitan’s first chief engineer and general manager from 1929 to 1941. He supervised construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct and died just weeks after its completion.

(Watch a virtual reality video of the Colorado River Aqueduct System and learn how water travels to Southern California in the link below)

LaVerne wtp4

Today this plant serves Orange County and Los Angeles Counties, it treats water from the Colorado River and the State Water Project, which imports supplies from Northern California. Weymouth has a treatment capacity of 520 million gallons a day, the equivalent of filling the Rose Bowl every four hours.LaVerne wtp3


In the beginning We were guided to the rooftop where we able to see the layout of the plant. We got the see a view of the entirety of the plant when we headed to the plants rooftop .


Weymouth is also the location of Metropolitan’s state-of-the-art water quality lab where more than 250,000 water quality tests are conducted each year. The laboratory’s primary purpose is to safeguard the drinking water served to nearly 19 million Southern California residents.


We were lucky enough to go into the laboratory and explore the state of the art facilities that are protecting us here in southern California.


A look into the on site workshop that keeps Metropolitan prepared for everyday work to disasters. They are able to remake and refurbish their own parts for many projects,this allows for in-house design and production.




This is one of two testing facilities that keep detailed references of their work in materials testing.






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