It’s Expensive To Be Poor

It’s Expensive To Be Poor


When poverty denies people access to a safe, steady water supply, their position in life is often worsened by extremely high cost options. But there’s a better path.

Access to safe water acts as a conduit, helping people achieve their full potential by freeing them from debilitating diseases, and giving them back the time they may spend walking for water. Water isn’t just a life-giving force, but a life-changing element which breaks down the barriers sitting between people and their own futures.

Unfortunately, safe water can be very expensive for the world’s poor: people living below a country’s poverty line pay between five- and fifteen-times more per liter of water when compared to those living above the poverty line. All of which serves to underline water as the key issue prohibiting the world’s poor from achieving much more than survival.

Yet there exists a better path. By viewing the poor as having the potential to be catalysts for change, rather than people looking for a handout, invites men and women around the world to be part of their own solution.

All of which led to the development of WaterCredit. By removing the onerous financial barriers that separate people from getting access to water, WaterCredit allows people easier, more affordable access to basic human rights like water, to in turn empower them to achieve more in life.

The high demand for WaterCredit products, and the worldwide 99% repayment rate are both proof-points for the success of the project. But, perhaps, no number is more powerful than 3.3 Million – the number of lives-changed around the world through WaterCredit solutions.

There is a better path towards liberating the poor from the burden of finding and paying for safe water and sanitation. And that path begins with inviting the poor become customers.

Custodians of their own solution.





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