Wastewater superintendent indicted for falsifying reports 

Originally posted at www.TPOmag.com

By Jennifer West

A South Dakota man faces charges for falsifying pollution control reports, and a new study says chlorine might be causing problems in our treatment systems.

A grand jury in Hughes County, South Dakota, has indicted Greg Mohr, a former sewer works superintendent in Pierre, on 10 misdemeanor charges for falsifying pollution control reports. Each charge carries a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Mohr, who had worked at the Pierre wastewater treatment plant for 25 years, left suddenly in October 2014 when inconsistencies were found in his reports, says The Capital Journal.

The city discovered the inconsistencies while submitting reports to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to renew its permit to treat and discharge wastewater. The city reported the inconsistencies to the state and then hired an outside firm to investigate.

In a prepared statement, Mayor Laurie Gill said there’s no indication the city’s residents, the sewer system, or the Missouri River were harmed because of the falsification.



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